In Restless Wing Syndrome, you play as a hungry pigeon scavenging the city rooftops for delicious morsels of bread. However, you were born with a condition that causes your wings to spontaneously flap, shooting you upward. Luckily, you know just how long you have between each wing spasm, thanks to your trusty Flap Meter.

Time your movements in conjunction with your flaps to cross gaps, avoid spikes, and glide across hazards to reach each delectable slice of bread in this puzzle-platformer.

Listen to the music here :)

MADE IN: Game Maker Studio 2

PALETTE: Pear36 by PineappleOnPizza

FONT USED: Acknowledge by Brian Kent


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how do i get past level 10

This could be actually make an awesome rhythm game! (Mute music but not sfx)

as a speedrunner, (3rd place, very close to 2nd) of this game, i'd say its probably one of the most fun games i've played.

Hahaha as 1st place I also thoroughly agree with Luna. I cannot wait for flip of light and potentially speedrunning that too!


exactly! flip of light demo seems really fun and 100% seems like a cool run

Good game man! Impressive for only 48 hours! :

it's too goo

please a windows build !!!!


I would LOVE to make levels for this game! The controls and mechanics are amazing!


amazing game

really good

The first fifteen levels are really good. But you forgot to implement a save and I don't have time to finish, so I guess I'll never know if the rest is good.

Really enjoyed that game! So inspirational!!

This is amazing! Good job.

Excellent work. Lvl 14 was a bit frustrating until I realized I could skip that first clock so I could use it on my last jump towards the bread. All in all, I'm a fan. Nice work.

you missed only 4 levels , and they are great too 

great game

love it


I figured it out... you need to *not* get the 4-second clock until the very last jump. If you time your first jump just right, you can avoid getting it too early and save it for that last jump when your head hits the ceiling.

oh ok thanks

one of the best games ive ever played :D. keep up the good work leko :)

I like this. A cool city pigeon looking for bread is a cool concept.

What a good game I like all the dynamics and the music is top

Amazing Game! Saw it on Mark Brown's GMTK Game Jam a few months ago and decided to try it out then. I couldn't complete it then cause I was garbage at gaming. Now that I've got experience, (Super Meat Boy and Celeste) I decided to try it again and finished it. One of my favorite games. Can't wait for an expanded version. Oh, and the music is good too. 

So fun to play :D


RAGE!!!!!!!!!!!, good game. Especially love pigeons! 馃惂 (p.s. not a penguin, black bird)


Awesome Game, I hope you'll be able to finsih/extend it!


Nice game!

can you release source code for learning purpose

Saw this game on some guys youtube video about gamejam. I saw this game and decided to try it out. Its actually a good game. I liked the difficulity of the last few levels adn the general mechanics of the game. The levels were creative and fun and I hope you continue working on this game :)

This game makes me feel that this game is one of those games, which are so good! I'm so surprised that you did it under 48 hours (Ofcource, you got the music from someone else which doesn't matter for me)! This has a higher chance of being a far-fetched release! The thing which could add, are more mechanics. Like, for i.e. an area/border that the bird can't fly on, or like a flying air thingy that it pushes the bird to the opposite side. Also, make a level select like Baba is you. More mechanics and a proper level select will obviously be in one of the most innovative game for the following year from GMTK or me. The pixel art is so good! I like it the most! Good job, Leko!


Thanks so much :D I definitely have loads of ideas for an expanded version, which I'm hoping to work on after my current project. The music actually was composed my me, by the way.

Oh I didnt realize. Its great as well :)

(1 edit)

Sorry for the technical question. I'm trying to make a html5 game and I'm using GMS2. How do you do it so when you click off a webpage game maker will register the keyboard again when you click back on the game? When I click on the webpage on my game I have to refresh the webpage so the keyboard is registered again.

Really like the game. Sorry for asking a technical question.

congrats leko! you won the out of control THEME GAM

how many levels are in this game

how to play GTMK


how do you zoom in?


idk and i want to download it

so creativ

lol i'm also lat

IK im late but good game in the jam



Really nice game! If you work on this more it'd be really cool if there was music that went to the rhythm of the game. Also if the metronome thing went up in pitch each time so that you don't have to look at the flap meter to see when you'll jump next.

Thank you! That pitch up thing is actually a great idea that I didn't think of, I'll definitely experiment with that. Thanks for the suggestion!


really neat game, you should expand it into a full fledged indie title!


great game! can't wait until it becomes full length. how do you do level 16?

This is an amazing game! I really like the concept! You should make a full version.

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