In Restless Wing Syndrome, you play as a hungry pigeon scavenging the city rooftops for delicious morsels of bread. However, you were born with a condition that causes your wings to spontaneously flap, shooting you upward. Luckily, you know just how long you have between each wing spasm, thanks to your trusty Flap Meter.

Time your movements in conjunction with your flaps to cross gaps, avoid spikes, and glide across hazards to reach each delectable slice of bread in this puzzle-platformer.

Listen to the music here :)

MADE IN: Game Maker Studio 2

PALETTE: Pear36 by PineappleOnPizza

FONT USED: Acknowledge by Brian Kent


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Really nice game! If you work on this more it'd be really cool if there was music that went to the rhythm of the game. Also if the metronome thing went up in pitch each time so that you don't have to look at the flap meter to see when you'll jump next.

Thank you! That pitch up thing is actually a great idea that I didn't think of, I'll definitely experiment with that. Thanks for the suggestion!


really neat game, you should expand it into a full fledged indie title!

great game! can't wait until it becomes full length. how do you do level 16?

This is an amazing game! I really like the concept! You should make a full version.

Really creative!

Thanks to people giving rankings in game jams we finally find good games. This is AWESOME.


What are the chances of this becoming a full-fledged game?


Pretty high! I'm currently working on another project but I'm planning to make this my next big thing once that's finished. I already have a ton of ideas for it.

Awesome! Yeah. I'll be waiting.

Simplicity is queen. I love this game concept so much. I think it has potential for like 10x as many levels exploring the mechanics, puzzles and maybe other stuff too. Well done Leko!

Very nice! Super clean and well polished for a game! This can definitely turn into a full steam release if you work on it more. Good job! :)

Leko, can you make a platform download please?

Hi, Leko how can i contact you ?

You can DM me on twitter, I don't use it too often but I'll definitely see your message :)


I raged ALOT but it was very cool :). I like the concept.


wow really well thought i love how you have to respect that timing great work!


Discovered thanks to this game! 

Amazing work! :D



Awesome! Really fun! Feel a lot like Celeste.

Nice work ;)

This is brilliant ♥
Really inspirational


Congrats on having the most fun game of the jam! And the second best overall!

Man this is the 3rd time ive come to this game, its just so solid in all aspects! since ive cleared it a few times im getting pretty solid at it, just finished it in 5m 8s. I dont usually come back to jam entries but this feels like so much more. GJ!

Haha, I gotta say I'm pretty sure this is the first time somebody has speedran a game of mine, and honestly I'm not even sure I could beat that time. I'm planning on adding a lot more levels in the future and maybe even releasing on steam, so I hope you're still interested by then.

What a cool concept, reminds me of games like SMB, has great potential to be something outside of a jam game like a mobile title or cheap steam title. awesome work!

This is brutal! I honestly really like it, probably the best entry I've played so far!  It's just a shame I'm not great at platformers... I got to level 11 before throwing the towel, though!  Great game!

Ti Ti Ti Ti, chuaaaaaa.
Ti Ti Ti Ti, chuaaaaaa.
Nice game man.
The concept is original.

Level 14 was an oof

Real good, Real fun

This is really fun and hard game! Graphically it reminds me of celeste.

Thanks, that was definitely an inspiration.

I really like what you did with the theme.  It was a lot of fun to play.  I wish the flap meter was synced to the beat of the song, but regardless it was still amazing.

Thanks! And yeah that would be great, however then I couldn't make the meter go down faster or slower without changing the tempo, which might sound a bit jarring.

Excellent art, music, concept and execution. You should be proud of this one.

Thank you!


This game is awesome, was not expecting so much content in here! My only suggestion would tweaking the jump meter UI - it's tricky moving my eyes between the pigeon and meter in difficult sections. Everything feels great to control though

Thank you! And yep, I thought that might be an issue. Problem is I wanted to make sure it wasn't covering too much of the actual level.

yeah, I'm not sure what the best solution would be. Maybe instead of an actual meter, have some visual effects on the bird that fills/changes color? Either way, what you have is a lot of fun

Huh, yeah that never crossed my mind for some reason. Kinda like Madeline's hair in Celeste.

Yeah that's kinda what I was thinking

Really nice game! Love what you did with the concept.